Scorpion® TMA Truck Mounted Attenuator

The Scorpion line of Impact Attenuators, from TrafFix Devices, are truly “different by design”.

The Scorpion TMA consists of strut and cartridge sections that are linked together on a support frame. The curved side rails are made from corrosion resistant aluminum tubes, which offer full width impact protection along the entire length of the unit. The side rails were designed to re-direct errant vehicles away from the rear of the truck (coffin corner). Other manufacturers Crash Attenuator models have little or no side-angle impact protection.

The aluminum boxes are filled with a moisture proof, aluminum honeycomb material. The boxes, together with the curved side rails, absorb the energy from an impacting vehicle. The aluminum boxes are painted with a bright yellow powder-coated finish, for lasting durability.

The TrafFix Devices’ Scorpion TMA has been tested and has PASSED ALL optional and mandatory requirements suggested in the NCHRP-350 Report for TL-3. Additionally, the Scorpion TMA has passed the UKTD49, 110 km/h (68 mph) test. The Scorpion TMA has successfully passed a “worse case” side angle re-directive impact test – this goes beyond all governmental testing requirements. 
(All information in this section is from   . Trafix Devices are the creators of the Scorpion® TMA Truck Mounted Attenuator

ATS Truck Mounted Attenuator Demo

Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator Impact Video

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